Welcome to SB Dragonboat

Promoting Fitness & Cultural Heritage through Dragon Boating

Santa Barbara Dragon Boat Organization (SBDBO)

We are a 501 (c 3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting fitness and cultural heritage through the sport of dragon boating and paddling. Our goal is to foster a community founded on the heritage and participation of dragon boating and paddling via education, promoting healthy living, and charitable giving amongst both youth and adults.

Although SBDBO is a long-standing sport, the dragon boat community in the Santa Barbara area is still in its infancy. The SBDBO is continuously looking for motivated people to continue the growth of the sport. Ultimately the SBDBO is YOU – anyone willing to be involved in the dragon boating community. 

Will you join us in building something great for the community and its youth?

Team Winning Ladies

Santa Barbara Dragon Boat Organization is a new organization called, “Winning Ladies”.  It is designed to help those who have had breast cancer and to come together with others as a winning team.  “Winning Ladies” is not only limited to those who have beat cancer, but are here to support others who are now battling breast cancer.  Any one can join “Winning Ladies” who believes in this cause and be there for support.